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Design Specs

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Your design and artwork must be original. Your design must include the Advertising Age and Crain Communications logos in their current sizes and the Advertising Age logo must maintain its placement. The Crain Communications logo may move to accommodate design compositions so long as the placed size is not reduced. Your artwork must account for a 4.375" x 1.75" postal bar code that will be applied to lower left corner and 1.5" x 1.5" UPC and pricing information box in the lower right corner of the winning image. You should not include a gap in your work for this but please consider what part of the artwork this may cover. Winners will have time to adjust accordingly based on technical needs prior to printing. You can download the Advertising Age and Crain Communications logos with a cover template to include in your design or use to inspire your work using the link below.

We have also included a composed PDF you can drop into Photoshop as an overlay layer to give you a rough idea of how these elements will roughly place into your artwork. This is not a guarantee of placement, but rather a guideline. Remember, if selected, your work will also appear on a billboard, which requires creating much larger files than our InDesign cover template. Please keep this in mind as you create your work (final specs are below), because we wouldn't want a great entry to reproduce poorly on our large billboards.

Download the Advertising Age cover template archive (InDesign and IDML files with PDF and logotypes).

OUR UPLOAD SYSTEM ACCEPTS PDF FILES. We encourage you to provide your files in this format, but also accept most other common image formats.


Trim: 9.75in x 13.00in

Bleed: .125in all sides (rendering a 10.00 in x13.25in finished size)

Safety: .125in (9.5in x12.75in live area) from trim for images; .25in from trim for text (or 9.5in x 12.5in live area)


You will have one week to adjust your artwork and submit as 360dpi final artwork as follows:

Trim: 21.75in x 29in

Bleed: 22.75in x 30in

Safety: 21.25in x 28.5in

Questions? Click here to email Ad Age Cover Contest